System equipped with pillar-beam technology for the existing requalification of multi-storey buildings.

High, anti-seismic and thermoacoustic performances. The module consists of a double hot-galvanised FE reinforcement within it contains a high thickness plate made of EPS, purposely shaped with a predisposition reinforcement for a vertical pillar. Both meshes are united by FE galvanised, welded and folded crosspieces (<18 pcs/sqm) for a certainty of a mechanical seal. The application on the existing brickwork is done by means of chemical plugs. During the laying, the vertical column reinforcements are positioned and, once the perimeter modules have been laid, the exposed galvanised mesh is sprayed with concrete. Finishes and adjustements according to specified request.

HS: height 3000 standard
Weight: weight of structure without casting
LS: width 1200 standard 
REI: : fire resistance before losing the stuctural charatcteristics

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