Reinforced system for the upgrading of the existing buildings.

Reduced thickness for a anti-seismic and thermo-acoustic improvement where the overall dimensions must be kept to a minimum.

Module made up of double hot-galvanised FE reinforcement, inside it encloses a specially shaped EPS sheet, both meshes are joined by galvanised crosspieces in welded and folded >18 pcs/smq

The application on the existing brickwork is done by means of chemical plugs. Once the installation is complete, the external wall can be plastered with sprayed concrete which, thanks to the shaping on the EPS, creates vertical reinforced columns for a good resistance to stress.  

HS: height 3000 standard
Peso: weight of structure without casting
LS: width 1200 standard
SS: module thickness without plastering
Kt: thermal insulation

data sheet here

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