Superbonus 110%

For the superbonus provided by the Relaunch Decree which raises the deduction rate of expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022 to 110%, for specific interventions in the field of energy efficiency, anti-seismic interventions, installation of photovoltaic systems or infrastructure for charging electric vehicles in buildings. Additional six months of time for condominium works if, at that date, at least 60% of the overall intervention has been completed.

The new measures are added to the deductions envisaged for the restoration of the building heritage, including those for the reduction of seismic risk (so-called Sismabonus) and energy requalification of buildings (so-called Ecobonus).

The 110% Superbonus is an important tax advantage that raises the tax deduction to 110% relating to expenses incurred for specific interventions on: residential properties – in the field of energy efficiencyanti-seismic interventions, installation of photovoltaic systems, infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles and other expenses for technical activities such as sworn translations, compliance visas and project costs.

For more information download the Relaunch Decree D.L. 34/2020 and consult the Revenue Agency website or download the Revenue Agency guide.

With the support of our partners, the documents necessary for the conclusion of the transactions are presented and you can, if interested in their consultancy services in the ecobonus area, benefit from the conditions dedicated to customers by the sources of financing.

through the creation of ad hoc systems

winter by replacing the systems

performed on the property


You can alternatively obtain:

FISCAL DETRACTION. Applicable in your tax return, equal to the amount you invested in your property plus 10% distributed in the 5 years following the incurring of expenses.

DISCOUNT IN INVOICE. To be requested from the company carrying out the work, to get a discount up to the amount of the expenses indicated on the invoice.

CREDIT ASSIGNMENT. You can transfer your tax credit to the Bank to recover expenses (alternatively, the company that applied the discount on the invoice can do so).

In order to benefit from the tax concessions dedicated to energy efficiency and / or reduction of the seismic risk on your property and to proceed with the transfer of the accrued tax credit to the bank, it is necessary to complete the administrative formalities required by law.